How to re-numbered voucher or invoice in tally

Some times there is need to re-numbering the Voucher number's or invoice number's in Tally. The question arises whether there is any way to rearrange voucher numbers, invoice numbers in tally? If you are in the middle of the financial year and want to re-arrange invoice number for some reasons like adding suffix to invoice number, need of a new starting number etc.

In normal cases some people use voucher number s restarting every month, ie, every month starts with a fresh invoice number or voucher number. Some uses the continuation of same number until the end of a financial year. Generally speaking nobody changes the invoice number in the middle of a financial year. However if you require re-arranging of voucher numbers for some reasons you can do it with the following methods.

Let’s change the voucher numbers of the following sales vouchers.

As in the above invoice number starts with 1, we can change the starting number with 1001 with a suffix and prefix ABC/1000/2011-12

So our invoice number should be like this


Go to Gateway of tally » Accounts info »Voucher types »Alter

Select the sales voucher and set “Use Advance Configuration” as “Yes”

Press enter a new screen appear make the following changes in the field
Starting number = 1001
Width of numerical part =4

Restart numbering
Applicable from = 1.4.2011
Starting number =1001
Particulars = yearly if you want to restart voucher number monthly you can select likewise.
Prefix Details
Applicable from = 1.4.2011
Particulars = ABC/
Sufix Details
Applicable from = 1.4.2011
Particulars = /2011-12
Below image will give you a clear picture.

Now save the entire screen.

This will do in Tally ERP9 Series, but older version does not change automatically. You need rewrite tally data to see the effect of the change you made.

How to rewrite tally data
Before rewriting data you must back up tally data
1. Go to gateway of tally then press Alt+Ctrl+R at a time.
2. Now select the company that you changed the voucher number

3. Press Yes to “Rewrite”

After completion of rewrite, you can see all the voucher numbers will have changed

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