How to maintain accounts on Tally

1. Double Click on the Tally Icon to bring up the Tally Screen.

2. Create the Company.
3. Create all Ledger Accounts.
    a. Liabilities
    b. Assets
    c. Indirect Expenses
    d. Indirect Income
    e. Purchase
    f. Sales
4. Create the Accounting Vouchers
    a. Payment Voucher
    b. Receipt Voucher
    c. Contra Voucher
    d. Journal Voucher
    e. Purchase Voucher
    f. Sales Voucher
    g. Debit Note Voucher
    h. Credit Note Voucher
    i. Purchase Order Voucher
    j. Sales Order Voucher
After Entering all the Vouchers you will automatically get the Books of Accounts mentioned below :
5. Various Books of Accounts
    a. Cash/Bank Book
    b. Ledger Book
    c. Journal Voucher Book
    d. Purchase Book
    e. Sales Book
    f. Debit Note Book
    g. Credit Note Book
    h. Purchase Order Book
    i. Sales Order book
From the Books of Accounts you will automatically get the Financial Statements of Accounts mentioned below
6. Financial Statements of Accounting
    a. Trail Balance
    b. Trading A/c
    c. Profit & Loss A/c
    d. Balance Sheet
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