How to print cheque from Tally 9 (Axis bank)

Tally’s one of the amazing featurewhich I very much like is printing chequefrom Tally itself. It is easy, fast and very convenient. Cheque printingwithin an accounting software help accountant to the great extent. it avoids error in writing cheques. Preparing cheque in accounts is a boring and time consuming routine work and if you have to prepare a lot of cheque, then I can feel pity for you.

All, you need to have to put the dimensions of cheques in mm.Here is a screen shots of dimension of printingcheque of axis bank. for other bank like HDFC, SBI,Bank of Baroda, PNB, you can alter this dimensions using actual dimension of your hard cheque and a scale. its is very easy to set up yourself. If you found any difficulty in cheque printing from tally 9, then let me know. I will resolve the same

If you are using other bank’s cheque then kindly mail me the name of the bank and i will prepare the same for you

Many Professionals charge for setting this kind of services from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. while a little knowledge can help you to do this thing FREE OF COST and I am sure you will be happy by doing it yourself. I will also recommend to use HP 1020 printer for the same
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